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Coffee Sampler 100% Arabica (Espresso)

Coffee Sampler 100% Arabica (Espresso) Bewertungen mit

100% Arabica - coffee sampler:

Andraschko Buena Vista Primero
Nurri Caffè Crema Arabica
Dinzler il Gustoso 
Mokarico Noir

Beans, 4 x 250 g each (total 1000 g)

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Coffee Sampler 100% Arabica (Espresso)
24.12£ *
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Product Properties
Arabica / Robusta:
100% Arabica
Caffeine content:
Low Caffeine
Type / Nature:
Whole Bean
Espresso set with 100% of the best Arabica beans With this special tasting set you will receive... more

Espresso set with 100% of the best Arabica beans

With this special tasting set you will receive 4 espressos from 4 very different roasters. But they all have one thing in common: they all contain only 100% of the finest Arabica beans. Two German and two Italian roasters are represented. For everyone who loves to enjoy a high-quality espresso with perfectly nuanced and complex flavours, this coffee sampler set is the perfect choice.

Beans, 4 x 250 g each (total 1000 g)

Andraschko Buena Vista Primero

The beans for this masterpiece come from the best growing areas. Semi washed from Brazil, a Panama Boquete with an addition of the (probably the best and most expensive coffee bean) Jamaica Blue Mountain. The rest remains a secret of Andraschko.
For the Buena Vista, each variety is roasted separately and gently at temperatures between 200 and 220 degrees Celsius. The whole thing happens traditionally in a drum roaster. They are then combined to form a balanced mixture.

The Andraschko Buena Vista Primero has a medium to dark roasting profile and is characterised by a deep, relaxing and aromatic taste.

Nurri Caffè Crema d' Arabia Espresso

The founder, Antonio Nurri, brings all his know-how to the Crema d'Arabia espresso. He wants to show how versatile a 100% Arabica blend can be. The skillful pairing of different Arabica varieties, separate storage and gentle, individual roasting time of each individual raw bean variety produces a perfect espresso coffee.

The beans are roasted to medium strength and are therefore also ideally suited for use in fully automatic coffee machines. Full-bodied on the palate with an ingenious balance of fine fruity notes, pleasant dark chocolate nuances and baked bread. In addition, the very rich cream formation is completely convincing.

A special feature of Nurri coffees are the resealable zip-bags, which keep the beans fresh for even longer.

Dinzler il Gustoso Espresso

With this unique espresso you get the classic from Dinzler. The beans for this blend come from Central, South America & India. The carefully selected blend gives this espresso the best characteristics of each variety. Incredibly aromatic aroma, strong flavour and an incomparably creamy consistency. The beans of il Gustoso are gently roasted and refined in a long-term drum roasting process. The result is a medium-strong roast with clear tasting notes of chocolate and nuts in the cup. What distinguishes this, as well as all other coffees from the Dinzler coffee roasting plant, is the aluminium-free packaging. Due to the absence of multiple coatings, the bags can be 100% recycled.

Processed in a sieve carrier machine or fully automatic coffee machine, the il Gustoso is perfect as the basis for a cappuccino.

Mokarico Noir

NOIR, the pride of Mokarico!

This unique blend consists of 40% washed Brazilian Santos Arabicas from the Sud del Minas and Cerrado. In addition, 60% washed Indian Arabicas are added, which contribute the voluminous body and the chocolaty note.

The Noir Cuvèe smells very intense. The taste is round and velvety; a fruity note dominates with hints of freshly toasted bread and chocolate.

In exceptional cases we reserve the right to replace a variety with an equivalent espresso in a coffee sampler set.

Arabica / Robusta: 100% Arabica
Strength: Mild
Caffeine content: Low Caffeine
Type / Nature: Whole Bean
Appliance: Portafilter Bewertungen mit