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Julius Meinl Espresso King Hadhramaut
Malty, Fruity & Balanced

250g Espresso coffee, whole bean

100% Arabica beans from Kenya & Ethiopia I UTZ certified

Roasted in Vienna

Julius Meinl Espresso King Hadhramaut

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03.2022 09.2023

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Julius Meinl Espresso King Hadhramaut 250g Espresso coffee, whole bean Since 1862 Julius Meinl... more

Julius Meinl Espresso King Hadhramaut 250g

Espresso coffee, whole bean

Since 1862 Julius Meinl has been combining moments of poetic inspiration with exquisite quality. All varieties in the Poetry Collection are selected with the greatest care and roasted in Meinl's Viennese studio. Each one bears witness in its own unique way to the craftsmanship of the roasting masters and brings mythical regents and figures from history to your home. Enjoy this unprecedented poetry with every cup of coffee.

The mythical kingdom of Hadhramaut was once the centre of the global coffee trade.

Finest qualities from all over the world changed hands here. Ethiopian and Kenyan highland coffees give this blend a spicy, rich aroma with a fruity note.

Origin:Kenia, Äthiopien
Roasting degree:5 / 6
Especially suited for:Fully automatic coffee machine
Intensity:6 / 10
Sweetness:8 / 10

After grinding also suitable for sieve carrier, mocha pot, Frenchpress, hand filter & woodneck.

EAN: 9000403794644
Arabica / Robusta: 100% Arabica
Roast Level: Medium
Strength: Balanced
Package Size: 250g
Caffeine content: Low Caffeine
Type / Nature: Whole Bean
Appliance: Portafilter
Aroma: Malty, Fruity Bewertungen mit Bewertungen mit

Julius Meinl Austria GmbH, Julius Meinl-Gasse 3-7, 1160 Wien, Austria

Julius Meinl Italia S.p.A., Via Verona 70, 36077 Altavilla Vicentina (VI), Italy