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Musetti Kaffee zum Testen

The variety of Musetti in one set

Musetti Evoluzione
Musetti Paradiso
Musetti Cremissimo

3 x 250g beans in bag

Direct import.

Musetti Coffee Gourmet Set

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Musetti Espresso Gourmet Set 3 x 250g whole espresso beans Musetti Evoluzione... more

Musetti Espresso Gourmet Set

3 x 250g whole espresso beans

Musetti Evoluzione 100% Arabica
Of noble and mild character. Moderate but noticeable notes of fruit are supplemented by sweet, flowery flavors. A multifaceted coffee, which releases a large range of roasting aromas such as malt, bread crust, caramel and almond. Awarded the CSC seal.

Musetti Paradiso 80/20 Blend
Simply heavenly Sweet, delicate with fruit notes of pitted fruit and dried apricot to tickle the palate. Long finish with refined flavors from orange blossoms to bergamot.

Musetti Cremissimo 70/30 Blend
Try Musetti Cremissimo to experience a flavorful, slightly tangy and well-balanced espresso. Full-bodied, with dense, hazelnut crema and a cocoa finish. Strong, but never bitter.

Roast Level: Light
Type / Nature: Whole Bean
Appliance: Espresso Machine, Portafilter
Region: North Italy
Package Size: 750g Bewertungen mit Bewertungen mit

Musetti SpA, Via G. Marcora, 2/4, 29010 Pontenure (PC), Italy