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Hawaii Kona Arabica Beans
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Hawaii Kona Arabica Beans Bewertungen mit

Roasted by Mokaflor Chiaroscuro

250g espresso beans in a bag

A firework of flavours - cinnamon, nut, pineapple and white peach.

We only order valuable coffees like Hawaii Kona in small quantities. Mokaflor roasts the varieties for us only after we have received the order. If the item is not in stock, please sign up for an email notification. As soon as the new batch is in stock, we will inform you.

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Hawaii Kona Arabica Beans from Mokaflor Chiaroscuro 250g whole espresso beans In the year... more

Hawaii Kona Arabica Beans

from Mokaflor Chiaroscuro

250g whole espresso beans

In the year 1828 - a man named Samuel Ruggles brought the first Arabica beans from Brazil to Hawaii on a sea voyage. Of course, no one was aware at the time that this laid the foundation for one of the best and most expensive coffees in the world today. People soon realised that the beans they had planted were thriving and so, over the years, they began to cultivate coffee. The chain of islands in the Western Pacific has ideal conditions for coffee cultivation. The "Kona" area in the west of the country stands out in particular. It lies at the foot of the Mauna Loa and Hualālai volcanoes on the Big Island, the largest of the six main islands.

The islands were formed by a series of volcanic eruptions that continue to this day. Volcanism has strongly shaped the landscape but, above all, enriched it with large quantities of volcanic rocks and minerals. In addition, this part of the island has a subtropical climate with sunny, dry winters and rainy summers. In the morning, the sun shines with full force and from midday onwards, the sky is usually cloudy and bathed in shallow fog. These climatic conditions are perfectly suited for coffee cultivation.

The special Kona coffee beans are cultivated in the western part of the Big Island coast - the so-called Kona coffee belt. This is a 30-kilometre-long and 3-kilometre-wide strip of land characterised by steep slopes up to 800m high. On the entire Hawaiian island chain, the weather here is the most constant. The half-day shade and lower temperatures mean that the coffee beans grow much more slowly, but this gives them all the more time to develop intense and complex aromas. The exceptional cultivation of these beans is part of the extremely strict and licensed quality control of Kona coffee. Every original Hawaii Kona coffee was harvested here.

The harvest time for Kona coffee beans is between November and February. Just before "the snow falls". This refers to the beautiful white sea of flowers that covers the plantation in March and April. Until September, small coffee cherries are now formed, which have taken on a rich, shiny red colour at the end of their ripening phase. Time for the harvest. The beans are picked and washed by hand. Then they are freed from the husk and placed in the sun to dry. In the next step, the coffee beans are sorted and classified into different grades according to shape and size.

The beans for the Mokaflor Chiaroscuro grow on the Paradise Meadows plantation. The farm is owned by Scott Buske, who with his decades of experience in coffee cultivation produces one of the best beans in Hawaii. Transparency is extremely important to Mokaflor, especially when it comes to such a valuable coffee. Kona is also known as Hawaii's "brown gold" and almost regularly lands in the top positions in international coffee competitions. Proof that this single-origin espresso not only has a special origin, but also a very special taste.


Taste and AromasArabica Beans Hawaii Kona

Mokaflor Hawaii Kona As already mentioned, the beans have a significantly longer maturing phase, which gives them unique aromatic nuances and notes. A fine composition of cinnamon, nut and fruits like pineapple and white peach is characteristic for the Hawaii Kona.

Despite its 100% Arabica beans, the acid structure is rather restrained, which is also due to the gentle roasting. The interplay of the many different flavours is much more dominant. A sip feels as if you are tasting a finely spiced fruit salad on your tongue. With a caffeine content of 1.33%, the Hawaii Kona is not too strong and thus perfect for any time of day.


Our tip:

Try the Hawaii Kona pure first to fully savour its characteristics. Depending on the preparation method, you will notice the variety of flavours and nuances.

Now you can experiment. Mix a portion of 100% Hawaii Kona with your favourite espresso variety and create completely new coffee creations. Bewertungen mit