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Tamper Technic Red

This dynamometric Tamper has an adjustable pressure release, ranging from 8 to 21 kg, so that the coffee is always pressed with a constant value.

N.B. The package contains only the handle, without the lower part.

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Tamper Technic Red

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Tamper Technic Red 1 . Pressure is adjustable from 8 kg to 21 kg. 2... more

Tamper Technic Red

1. Pressure is adjustable from 8 kg to 21 kg.

2. Automatic pressure release

The tamper is used to press, squeeze, the coffee grind or ground coffee into the portafilter. The quality and taste of the espresso changes with the speed at which the hot water penetrates the ground coffee. This speed depends on the pressure / compression of the coffee grounds. A constant result can be achieved with this type of Tamper, because when the set maximum pressure is reached, the coffee grounds press is automatically activated. Depending on the type and variety of coffee beans used and depending on the grinding setting of the Tamper, the maximum pressure can be adjusted in a range from approx. 8 kg to 21 kg.

Height: 110 mm
Material: Aluminium
Care and use: The Tamper is adjusted via the internal adjusting screw. Please do not adjust the two hexagon socket screws on the side.
The tamper can be cleaned with a damp cloth, but please DO NOT put it in the dishwasher. For better lubrication of the shaft, please add a drop of domestic oil from time to time from the top of the shaft, but not olive oil, as it is resistant.

This tamper has been developed together with Mr. Leeb of Kaffee Espresso & Barista in Munich.

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