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Espresso Probierset Geheimtipp

These espresso varieties are a real insider tip:

Salimbene Superbar
Mokaflor Dolce Forte
Arabicaffe Supermiscela
La Tazza D´Oro Gran Miscela

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Espresso Tasting Set - Insider Tip!

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Best espresso coffees to try - absolute insider tips 4 x 250g beans Arabicaffe Espresso... more

Best espresso coffees to try - absolute insider tips

4 x 250g beans

Arabicaffe Espresso coffee Supermiscela - 250g bean
70% Arabica beans I 30% Robusta beans
Sicilian top espresso. Slowly roasted and perfect to the point. Each type of green coffee has its own roasting profile. Arabicaffe therefore roasts each variety individually and blends only after the roasting process. This exclusive and delicate creation combines a low caffeine content with fine but intense aromas and a wonderful fragrance. The Arabicaffe Supermiscela variety is also known as the "true Italian" espresso. This is how espresso is drunk in the south of Italy.

Mokaflor Dolce Forte - 250g bean
100% Robusta beans
Very interesting mixture from the traditional roastery Mokflor in Florence. Only the best Robusta beans find their way into this really well-balanced mixture. Robusta beans from Zaire provide the chocolaty taste, while washed beans from Cameroon are responsible for the strong, spicy aroma. At the same time this variety is elegant and round, because beans from the Indian Parchment harmonize the character. It is generally known that a good dense crema is due to the proportion of Robusta beans. And because this is a mixture of 100% Robusta beans, the crema is also thick and of dense consistency. If you add the sugar afterwards, it stays on top and waits patiently for stirring. After the extraction, smoky scents unfold, reminiscent of whiskey and caramel. Enjoy the Mokaflor Dolce Forte in a cappuccino. Milk tolerates this strong mixture very well. Connoisseurs try it pure with sugar.

Salimbene Superbar - 250g tin bean
80% Arabica beans I 20% Robusta beans
Cleverly selected from no less than eight coffee varieties from seven countries of origin: Brazil, Honduras, El Salvador, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia and Uganda. A rich and velvety, reddish shimmering, hazel crema "seals" the aromas of Superbar. Enjoy a structured and harmonious blend in the cup. The genuine, classic southern Italian BAR espresso - sweet and full-bodied thanks to high-quality washed Robusta beans. Full crema, with hazelnut brown marbling.

La Tazza d'oro Gran Miscela - 250g Bean
70% Arabica beans I 30% Robusta beans
As the name suggests, a great espresso blend. In the Sardinian capital Cagliari, the staff of La Tazza d'oro make sure that only the best green coffees find their way into the pure coffee warehouses. Thanks to the 70% proportion of the finest Arabica beans, this espresso coffee inspires the front part of the tongue with its fruity, finely balanced acidity and its chocolaty note will remain pleasant on the palate for a long time to come. The 30% Robusta beans make the coffee very attractive when it comes to thick crema. Excellent as a base for cappuccino and latte macchiato.

Origin of the green coffees: Ethiopia, Guatemala, Brazil & India

Type / Nature: Whole Bean
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