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Reiniger für Espresso- und Kaffeemühlen

Cleaning powder for your coffee grinder
Clean your machine by JoeFrex
Content 500g

Cleaning powder for espresso and coffee grinders

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Clean your machine by JoeFrex Coffee grinder cleaning powder - Professional Barista Quality... more

Clean your machine by JoeFrex

Coffee grinder cleaning powder - Professional Barista Quality

Made from natural products, completely food-safe... Cleans discs and casing of the grinder.

Removes nearly all deposits of coffee oil.


Privately 1x week

Restaurant daily

Note: The cleaning powder is not suitable for fully automatic coffee machines, but only individual coffee grinders.

Clean Grind is a top product completely made from natural ingredients. That means, that we use a mixture of different types of grain and natural products, so that you can quickly and comfortably clean the dead space of your coffee grinder. What is so special about CleanGrind? Why can't I simply clean my grinder using the old "grandmother approach" and use rice? Well, that worked under the conditions, of coffee grinders from "back then". Today's coffee grinders will simply get stuck or no longer start, once stopped, which means you would have to screw them open each time.

The challenge is to create a, grinder cleaner, which does not cause the grinder to get stuck, while cleaning the dead space thoroughly without changing the grinding setting, which would otherwise require adjusting the grinder.
So that everything can work perfectly, we would ask you for the following:

1. Empty the bean container, let the remaining coffee beans run empty and clean as much as possible using a grinder brush.
2. Before cleaning, set your grinder to a "medium grinding setting" to prevent", the grinding setting from shifting.
3. After approx. 40g of CleanGrind have run through the mill, you can fill in coffee beans again.

Please dispose of the first coffee ground with the remains of the cleaner.

Some particles of the cleaner may remain during the first grinds after cleaning, which will nonetheless not affect the taste of your beverage in any way. But the removal of the oily and possibly rancid coffee fat guarantees deliciously fresh cappuccino or espresso.

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