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Ottolina Caffè

Caffè Ottolina range

Ottolina-LogoHere you will find our selection of premium espressos and tableware from the traditional roaster from Milan. Over 70 years of roasting experience have produced some rare treasures that we believe are a true insider's tip in the coffee world. Try your way through this exclusive range of coffee beans and find your new favorite. Read more ↓

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Ottolina Puro Arabica (Premium) Bewertungen mit
Ottolina Puro Arabica (Premium)
500g | Whole Bean | 11.2022
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Product Code: 10871


Passion, quality and tradition since 1948

Caffè Ottolina is one of the best roasters in the north of Italy. This has its good reasons. The story began shortly after the 2nd World War. In 1948 the roastery was founded by Giulio Ottolina, a passionate connoisseur of the coffee world. The adventure of roasting his own coffee was realized in a small store with an attached cafe in the beautiful northern Italian city of Milan.

Giulio-Ottolina-am-RoesterAt that time, the brand was still called MOKA Hodeihah di Ottolina. The name was given to a port city in Yemen, which was the main transhipment point for goods of all kinds in the Arab world as far back as the Middle Ages. Perhaps it was an expression of the longing for distant lands, caravans and the culture of 1,000 and 1 nights that made the heart of the founder beat faster. At that time, green coffee was a valuable and very expensive imported product. A product that required absolute care and love for processing. And this is exactly what Giulio wanted to give his favorites.

The high quality of his roasts remained no secret. Small bars and surrounding cafes became aware of Ottolina coffee and were happy to offer it to their guests. With the help of his son Remo, Giulio managed to expand the business even further. Soon Ottolina coffee was supplied to the entire area of Milan and its province.

Today Ottolina can look back on over 70 years of roasting experience. Over the years, the roastery has been able to discover many rare and unknown green coffees and refine them into first-class espressos. Sometimes even only one very special green bean variety is the secret of its great blends.

The green coffee

It may seem trivial to some, but to understand and appreciate a unique espresso, one must start with the quality of the green coffee, as described above. By purchasing green coffee directly from producing countries and carefully selecting suppliers, Ottolina can guarantee its customers the best of world production.

Ottolina-KaffeeCoffee plants grow in the tropical regions around the equator of our planet. After flowering, the flowers turn into green coffee cherries, which turn red when ripe. Ottolina's master roasters select only the best beans, carefully assessing and weighing various variables such as color, appearance and aroma. This is how they lay the foundation for their unique blends with distinctive flavors.

Ottolina-CappuccinoThe range

Ottolina's assortment now includes a wide range of coffee varieties.

Whole or ground espresso beans, decaffeinated espresso or single-origin coffees. The latter are varieties whose beans come from only one country or growing region, such as Colombia.

Ottolina coffees are very easy to prepare and uncomplicated. You can use it for a portafilter machine as well as for fully automatic machines. However, always pay attention to the respective correct preparation method. Only in this way will your coffee enjoyment be a special experience.

Since 2007, Caffè Ottolina has been a member of the Rainforest Alliance.

It is committed to a more sustainable world on a social and market level in order to protect nature and biodiversity. It also focuses on the rights and welfare of workers, their families and communities in the producing countries.